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ASP.NET Facts – Every Programmer Should Know

imageASP.NET, leading web application development frameworks, ideally used to develop dynamic web sites. Let us have a closer look how this framework is getting popular for web development and the future of ASP.Net Programmers. ASP.NET is pretty popular among the developers since the very inception from 2002. There are myriad of developers who choose ASP.NET for web development and thousand of companies offering ASP.NET Programmers on hire basis.

Basics of ASP.NET
The latest version of the framework is 4.0 and is packed with multiple enhancements from its first version 1.0. ASP.NET is a member of Active Server Pages technology, which is created on Common Language Run time (CLR), helping developers to code easily  using any supported .NET language.

Technical Aspects
ASP.NET is armed with host of web content controls that can be customized. All the versions of ASP.NET server manifests a common UI and are progressive in nature.  The framework is an  assimilation of tax code, production and implementation and all these components can be facilitated to churn out quality web applications.

Scope of ASP.NET
ASP.NET Development are used for multiple purposes like development of business, corporate websites, social networking sites, and content management systems. You can also design and develop web-based applications keeping in view the business needs. It can also be facilitated to develop portals for managing CRM, e-commerce and payment gateway integration of the businesses.

Enhancements in New Version
Application development using ASP.NET 4.0, the latest version, offers enhancement in the security model. Improvements in quick start up time and faster  performance of multi-threaded applications are the major benefits associated with newer version. In addition, the dynamic language run time (DLR) is the environment adding dynamic services to the common language runtime (CLR). Some new interoperable features are also the part of new version including its background garbage collection feature.
ASP.NET and more importantly the latest version 4.0 is packed with every feature to create enterprise-class web sites and applications. It can also be used for multiple operations simultaneously. Being a programmer, you much keep a track of the updates on ASP.NET to utilize this framework for developing robust and dynamic web applications.